Smoky Elk Rider

A goblet of Smoky Elk Rider Cocktail featuring both HDC Elk Rider Bourbon and HDC Elk Rider Blended Whiskey topped with fresh tarragon leaves.

1 oz of Elk Rider Bourbon
1 oz of Elk Rider Blended Whiskey
¼ oz of tarragon simple syrup (*recipe below)
1 bar spoon of Grand Mariner
1 dash of Smoked Tea Vanilla Raft Soda Syrup
1/2 cup ice or big ice cube
Tarragon leaves for garnish

In a rocks glass place all ingredients. Stir mixture until it is chilled then pour into your favorite serving glass. Garnish with tarragon leaves
Tarragon Syrup: 
½ cup Turbinado sugar
½ cup Boiling water
6 Large, fresh tarragon leaves

Combine the sugar and boiling water. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Add the tarragon leaves and steep in hot simple syrup for 20 minutes. Strain into a clean jar, cover and refrigerate for up to two weeks. Recipe by Beautiful Booze

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