We've curated a list of the most common questions related to our Cask Club and Spirits Club Memberships.
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Cask Club FAQ

How many bottles will I get from my 10-liter barrel? 

Members can expect anywhere from 10-20+ bottles to be produced from their barrel at the time of emptying and bottling. The variance is caused by the size of bottles and the proof that you choose to bottle it at. The lower the proof, the more product/bottles. 

Do I have to bottle my whole cask at once? 

No. Members can pull as many bottles as they’d like at a time of their choosing. We do require Members to provide a minimum 48hr hour window in advance of bottle pick up. 

Why does my Cask Club Membership fee NOT include the price of the bottles? 

Washington and Oregon state laws require us to charge for spirits. The price for Cask Club® bottles is $30 per bottle (plus applicable taxes) for 750 ml size and $20 per bottle (plus applicable taxes) for 375 ml size. 

Can I join with a friend or group of friends? 

Each Membership is open for a primary and secondary member, up to 2 Members.    

When is my barrel ready for bottling? 

Generally, pre-aged products go in the barrel 'ready to drink', giving them the ability to be pulled soon after filling, 2-4 mos. Unaged closer to 9-15 months. Members are encouraged to taste their barrel throughout its aging process. This allows Members to follow their barrel’s growth and change as well as determine when they feel it is ready to bottle.  

Can I add any flavor addition to my barrel that I want? 

We provide optional flavor additions for Members to choose from, if they would like to do so. These include vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, sweet or bitter orange peel and a variety of flavored syrups. Members may also provide their own additions. 

Spirits Club FAQ

How often do I get billed the subscription fee? 

Spirits Club is a quarterly subscription. Members are billed and receive 'member' selected spirits every three months. 

When will I be billed for my Spirits Club order? 

Members are billed on the 10th of their quarterly month. From there, if the Member has chosen to have their order shipped, their order will be fulfilled and shipped out within 72 hours, after being charged. If a Member has their subscription set up for a specific Tasting Room pick up, their order will be sent to that location on the next available 'transfer day', prescheduled in-house. This could cause a delay of up to a week or slightly more. 

Do Spirits Club Members pay a shipping fee if they choose to have their orders shipped directly to them? 

No. Spirits Club Members do not pay shipping fees for Spirits Club orders sent directly to them.

Am I able to update my selection of spirits and levels as desired? 

Yes! Members have full control over not only what level of subscription they are signed up for, but can, and are encouraged to select different spirits for each quarter. 

Does my quarterly fulfillment have to be shipped to my door? 

No. Members have the choice to pick up their fulfilled order at an HDC tasting room of their choice OR have it shipped directly to them. 

How long does my Spirits Club membership last? 

Members have full control over how long their Spirits Club Membership remains active. 

Where are Spirits Club orders fulfilled? 

All Spirits Club orders are fulfilled at our Distribution Warehouse, located in Gig Harbor, WA. This sometimes causes a delay in getting fulfilled Spirits Club orders to each location for member pick up. Members are notified by Programs Leads when their order has ‘landed’ at the tasting room and is ready to be picked up.

Does Talking Cedar or HDC Eugene offer Spirits Club? 

No. Because of Oregon liquor laws, HDC Eugene is not able to honor the spirits discounts and shipping associated with the Spirits Club Membership. Talking Cedar, located in Grand Mound, Washington does not participate at this time either. We are hopeful that that will change in the future. 

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