What is HDC?

HDC is Heritage Distilling Company, Inc. We are a craft distillery with tasting room locations in Washington and Oregon. We make award winning vodkas, gins, whiskeys, rums, aquavits and more.

We have 5 tasting rooms in the Pacific Northwest (Gig Harbor, Roslyn, Tumwater in Washington and Whiteaker & 5th Street in Eugene, Oregon) and we are partnering with Native American Tribes across the country as part of our TBN (Tribal Beverage Network) approach.

We are proud of our innovative programs including our Cask Club, Spirits Club, Spirits Growlers & My Batch.

How is HDC different?
Great question...

We have a lot of products. It's true, we make a large variety of products, there is surely something for every type of spirit drinker.

We're spirits educators. We see our role as helping our customers learn more about how spirits are made and how to use them in cocktails.

Community is built into our business model. Since day 1, we've been supporters of our communities and the non-profits, it's part of our mission and part of who we are in our core.

How did HDC get started?
It all started around a campfire...

Our owners are Justin & Jennifer Stiefel, CEO and President of HDC respectively. They were hanging around a campfire with some friends when the conversation turned to whiskey. The words "we can make something better than this" and the rest is history. Of course there have been highs and lows and all the in-betweens.



Where can we I purchase my favorite HDC products?

Shop in HDC Tasting Rooms and online from the HDC website (that's where you are now). You can also find select HDC products at your favorite retailers and bars/restaurants in the PNW. Don't see the product you like? Ask your local store to carry it, that always helps.

Why can't you ship to me?

Spirits shipping is tricky, please check out some of the details here.

Can I purchase older bottles of Special Forces Whiskey?

We sell out 1SFG Whiskey annually, if you don't see the release you're looking for, unfortunately we're sold out.

What happened with BSB?

We're proud to have grown BSB, learn more here.

Do you have barrels for sale?

We don't currently have barrels for sale, thanks for asking though!

Can I request a donation for my non-profit fundraiser?

We're always happy to review requests, please complete the form on our donations request page for review.

Are your products gluten-free?

While we are not a certified Gluten-Free production facility, we can tell you our flavored vodkas are distilled from wine or corn, making them gluten-free. The flavorings added are made from an all-natural simple syrup that contains cane sugar and then the flavoring ingredient such as huckleberry, grapefruit, coffee, etc. All the flavored vodkas are gluten-free.
Our traditional vodkas (Elk Rider, Batch No. 12) are derived from 100% corn also making them gluten-free.