Tribal Distilling, A Newly Legalized Enterprise for Tribes

All made possible by a Congressional repeal of the federal prohibition on distilling in Indian Country in 2018. (the old 25 USC § 251).

Heritage Distilling Co. will work with your tribe to:

  • Exercise Tribal Sovereignty in this new industry
  • Help you keep state liquor & sales taxes
  • Create new amenities for repeat customer visits & higher spend by your guests
  • Establish new jobs & industry in your community
  • Improve food & beverage margins throughout all of your Tribal Enterprises, including casinos & convenience stores

About Heritage Distilling Company (HDC)

Founded in 2011 as a family-owned enterprise, we’ve grown to operate six retail production venues focused on maximizing customer engagement and generating high margin sales (tastings, cocktails, bottle sales, subscriptions) in WA and OR.

We are growing our footprint with even more new locations with Tribes across the U.S. We can show you how to leverage our broad portfolio of established spirits while creating unique products customized for your Tribe to generate high margin revenue, cut costs and create new customer-focused amenities.

Our model leverages our existing and proven customer subscription services to create a foundation for revenue and customer loyalty for you moving forward:

  • Cask Club®– member-driven customized barrel program (patented)
  • Spirits Club®– regular pick-up or shipping of spirits (similar to a wine club)

Tribal Beverage Network (TBN) Contact:
Jennifer Stiefel
President, Co-Founder HDC