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*Due to popularity of our Cask Club® program, some locations are sold out of barrel slots. Memberships may still be actively participated in, just not displayed within the tasting room.

As a member of the Cask Club® you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your own 10 liter private oak cask, beautifully displayed in your choice of HDC distillery location (Washington: Gig Harbor, Roslyn, Ballard, Tumwater; or Oregon: Eugene 5th St., Eugene Madison St.) with your name and home town on the cask for the world to see
  • Your name on the custom Cask Club® bottle for finished products that come out of your cask
  • The ability to sample the spirits aging in your cask – you determine when it is ready to bottle
  • You determine the bottling strength of the spirits – 92 proof or more? It’s up to you.
  • Bottle prices once your spirit is aged to your flavor profile, you’ve chosen the proof and it’s ready to bottle:
    • $25.00 (plus tax) per 750 ml bottle.
    • $15.00 (plus tax) per 375 ml bottle.
  • For our traditional aged whiskey you should end up with between 10-12 bottles (750 ml) of product, depending on how often you sample it and the final bottle strength you select
  • Advance notice and reservations of new releases of our spirits before the general public
  • Advance notice of special events before the general public
  • Discounts:
    • 20% off on all HDC merchandise
    • 20% off regularly priced HDC Spirits at HDC Washington locations* (excludes My Batch® program & bottles, Cask Club® Memberships & Cask Club® bottles)
  • Members have the option of buying the 10 liter cask when it is done aging for a discount, or use it again in the Cask Club® to make a new batch of a different product.

Patent Pending *Oregon state law prevents HDC from discounting spirits.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long can I age my spirits?

Cask Club barrels are 10 liter size. The average aging time is 6-12 months depending on the product and flavor profile each member would like to achieve. Keeping a spirit in a 10 liter barrel for much longer than a year would cause over oaking in the flavor profile.

Why doesn't my membership include the price of the bottles?

Washington and Oregon state laws require us to charge for spirits. The price for Cask Club® bottles is $25 per bottle (plus applicable taxes) for 750 ml size and $15 per bottle (plus applicable taxes) for 375 ml size.

What is the difference between Cask Club® and My Batch? Cask Club® is our custom spirit aging program. My Batch is a one time distillation learning session.

Can I join with a friend or group of friends?

No. Our Cask Club® program is designed for up to two members, primary and secondary.