Lavender Vodka French 75 Float

Lavender Vodka French 75 Float

Lavender Vodka French 75 Float with Lemon Thyme 

Serves 2 (16 ounce tumblers) 

Prep time 5 minutes 

2 ounces Heritage Distilling Lavender Vodka 

1 16-ounce pint lemon sorbet 

12 ounces champagne or sparkling wine 

4-6 sprigs fresh lemon thyme 

Heritage Distilling makes a lovely, floral, soft-tasting vodka infused with fresh lavender. With this fabulous cocktail, I chose to really play off of the floral notes with citrus and fresh herbs. This beverage is incredible. Taking a nod from a tradition French 75, I swapped the gin for our lavender vodka, and instead of lemon simple syrup we are using lemon sorbet. And, just like that, we’ve got a drink to usher in the spring! It feels like a treat, and it’s so impressive yet simple to put together! I’ve seen blooms peeking from among the tree branches and some daffodils out there braving the end of February – spring is almost here! 

Place 1 ounce of lavender vodka in each glass along with two sprigs of fresh lemon thyme. Use a fork to smash the herb slightly into the vodka. Top with 3 small or 2 medium-sized scoops of lemon sorbet. Top each cocktail with 6 ounces of champagne and more lemon thyme for fun! Sip this sparkler all spring long! 

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