Olympic Cocktails For All Your Favorite Events

February 15, 2018

Olympic Cocktails For All Your Favorite Events

Who else loves the Winter Olympics? It’s so fun to watch these amazing athletes that have so much more talent than I could ever dream to have. Seriously, you couldn’t pay me to ski off one of those ski jumps and soar into the sky. No way. No how.

‘I do not participate in any sport with ambulances at the bottom of the hill’ ~erma bombeck #same

What I do LOVE is hanging out with friends, in a nice warm house, watching all these winter events and sipping on a nice cocktail. Having a Winter Olympics party is super fun and we have the perfect drink suggestions to go along with it!

The Nordic ski
1.5oz HDC Blueberry vodka
2 Basil leaves
.5oz Lemon juice
Top with Tonic
Garnish with blueberries
The Slapshot
HDC Vanilla vodka
Pour over ice
Top with Black coffee
The Ice Dancer
1oz HDC Ruby Red vodka
1oz HDC Raspberry vodka
Top with Grapefruit juice
Garnish with raspberries & rosemary sprig
The Gold Medal
1.5oz HDC Mango Vodka
1oz Sours
Top with Club soda
Garnish with mango
Nigerian Bobsled Team
1.5oz Elk Rider vodka
Top with Limeade Garnish with cucumber and mint