New Years Eve - Gin and Vodka Cocktails

December 26, 2017

New Years Eve - Gin and Vodka Cocktails

Not many people are willing to admit this, but there are quite a few of us who don’t actually like champagne or sparkling wine. This can be a little challenging on New Years Eve - Champagne’s biggest night of the year. That's why we have put together a few toast worthy alternatives to help your guests ring in the new year.
For those that may need a little help making it to the stroke of midnight:

Salted Caramel Coffee

2 oz HDC Coffee Vodka
1 oz Cold Brew
1.5 oz Salted Caramel creamer
Caramel sauce

Pour all ingredients over ice into a sugar rimmed glass, top with caramel sauce

What makes this drink extra festive is the sugar rimmer:

2T Corn syrup
2T fine white sugar
1T edible Gold Star Sprinkles

Pour corn syrup onto a plate and let spread out. Lightly rim glass. Dip glass into sugar and gold star sparkles. This can be done earlier in the day and set up on the cocktail bar.

Raspberry Martini

2 oz Elk Rider Vodka
.5 oz lime juice
Mint leaves

Muddle 3 raspberries and 2 mint leaves in shaker then add ice, Elk Rider Vodka and lime juice. Shake and strain into martini glass and garnish with a fresh mint leaf and raspberry.

For something super easy try this "make it and leave it" punch for a crowd:

Ginger Citrus Punch

1 bottle HDC Blood Orange Vodka
1 bottle HDC Lemon Vodka
2 liters Ginger Beer
2 liters Ginger Ale
15 Star Anise
Garnish with lemon and orange wheels

If your punch bowl is big enough, pour it all in and give it a stir!

Tip:  make an ice ring with lemon and orange wheels. Ice rings melt much slower than ice cubes so your punch wont be watered down.

For the Champagne lovers out there, New Years wouldn't be complete without the famous French 75 cocktail.

French 75

2 oz Elk Rider Gin
1 t super fine sugar
.5 oz lemon juice
5 oz Champagne

Fill shaker with ice and add gin, sugar and lemon juice. Shake and strain into a champagne glass. Top with your favorite Champagne and garnish with lemon twist

(A little back story on the The French 75: this cocktail has been popular since World War I. It was created at a bar in Paris in 1915 where, as glamorous as it looks, it was said to have the recoil of the historic French 75mm cannon. Be careful folks!)

Visit our recipes page for more cocktail inspiration then visit one of our tasting rooms or retailers near you, to get all your New Years Eve cocktail supplies. Wishing you a safe and delicious New Years celebration. We'll see you in 2018!