LaCroix Cocktails

LaCroix Cocktails

LaCroix Cocktails

How is LaCroix pronounced? We could argue about that forever. How does it taste? Now that's easy - AMAZING. This sparkling water has taken the world by storm. With over 17 natural flavors on the market, every consumer's preferred taste is bound to be accounted for. Flavors range from the tangy punch of the fan favorite Pamplemousse (grapefruit) to the sweet finish of the tropical coconut. Not unlike our HDC Flavored Vodkas, each carries its own unique taste.


A classic among many drinks, the crisp taste of quality vodka paired with the fresh carbonation in soda water has come to make Vodka Sodas a summer drink staple. Whether you like it for its simplicity or stellar nutrition facts, the drink is here to stay.

We believe that a fresh twist on a classic drink can make for the most refreshing experience. Pairing our HDC Flavored Vodkas and LaCroix makes for the best vodka sodas. Hibiscus and lime, Blood Orange and Cran-Raspberry, Lavender and lemon, the combinations are endless!



HDC Mango Vodka & Coconut LaCroix

HDC Blood Orange Vodka & Cran-Raspberry or Pamplemousse

HDC Lavender Vodka & Tangerine or Lemon LaCroix

HDC Huckleberry Vodka & Lime or Key Lime LaCroix

HDC Coconut & Mango LaCroix

HDC Hibiscus Vodka & Lime or Key Lime LaCroix

Vodka LaCroix Cocktail

2 oz HDC Flavored Vodka of choice

4 oz La Croix

Sqeeze of lemon or lime

Pour over ice. Garnish with lemon or lime.

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