DIY Moscow Mule Bar

DIY Moscow Mule Bar


You are hosting a party this spring or summer and you are thinking of what signature drinks to serve... inevitably you hit a speed bump when you think of what type of cocktail will suit all needs - cue the DIY Moscow Mule bar!

Moscow Mules are perfect for any occasion; the citrus and spice are fit for any season and the copper mugs make for functional decorations meaning you are instantly party-ready. Simply choose your Heritage flavored vodka, top it with ginger beer, add a squeeze of lime and garnish however you choose!

Our gluten-free, naturally flavored vodkas are the perfect touch to make your Moscow Mule bar stand out against any other party cocktail. Guests interact with one another, get the opportunity to become their own bartender and most importantly your guests aren't stuck to just one drink. Whether it's a bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower or even a family reunion, the DIY Moscow Mule bar is guaranteed to be a hit.

We recommend using our Heritage Distilling Blood Orange Flavored Vodka, Huckleberry Flavored Vodka, Lavender Flavored Vodka, Mango Flavored Vodka and Sweet Ghost Pepper Flavored Vodka.


Tips on making the Ultimate Moscow Mule Bar:

- Feature 3-5 different Heritage Flavored Vodkas
- Put your copper mugs on display
- Use plenty of fresh garnishes
- Complement your vodka flavors with fresh fruit

Add a curveball to the mix and bring in a bottle of BSB®! A BSB Mule has been a fan favorite among Heritage Events attendees. Try it for yourself and sneak on a bottle or two for your table.

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