Just Here for the Boos

Just Here for the Boos

Make sure you are serving the best Boos in your Halloween party cocktails this year! Impress your guests with these spooky, creepy and really cool drinks.

This first cocktail, The Poison Apple, is just about the prettiest one around! Edible shimmer (easily found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby) gives it a magical look. I’m even thinking a little name change (perhaps Holiday Shimmer??) and minus a floating plastic spider or two and it’s perfect for Christmas!

Poison Apple

2os BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon
2oz Apple Cider
2oz Cranberry Juice
1/4t Edible Shimmer (found at your local craft store)

Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with ice, shake and strain into glass. Float plastic spider on top. Enjoy the sparkles every time you swirl it!

This cocktail is just plain creepy with its globs of brain shaped ice cubes! We got ours at Michaels, but a quick search on Amazon will give you several options. The best part- those creepy ice cubes glow under black light. Thank you, tonic, for being so cool!

Zombie Brain

1.5oz HDC Citrus Vodka 
4oz Mountain Dew
Tonic- frozen into round ice cubes

Take 2 cups of Tonic and add 1 drop red food coloring to give it a slightly pick color. Freeze in a round shaped ice cube mold, or go on Amazon and order some novelty brain shaped ice cube trays to use. In a glass add HDC Citrus Vodka and Mountain Dew. Float 2 or 3 brain ice cubes in the glass.

Fun fact: The brain ice cube glows! There are very few edible substances that glow in under a black light but Tonic Water is the best due to the quinine.

Bones as the perfect garnish? Only for Halloween! That purple sprinkle rimmer is sure to bring back the kid in everyone. I mean, who doesn’t love candy sprinkles!!

Purple People Eater

1.5oz Elk Rider Vodka
1oz Blue Curacao
1oz Sours
1oz Cran-Grape Juice
Purple Sugar Sprinkles

Lightly rim glass with purple sugar. Add ice and liquid ingredients and stir until it’s purple!

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