Apple Cup Rivalry

Apple Cup Rivalry

Nothing sounds better the day after Thanksgiving than getting cozy on the couch and indulging in a Hallmark Christmas movie while in a pair of extra loose sweatpants. However, this just isn’t an option for us Washington residents. Why may that be? No, it’s not because many stores (including HDC) are offering their best deals of the year for Black Friday, but because it’s the sacred day of 119 year old tradition – the beloved Apple Cup!

Whether you scream for the dawgs or rep the cherished crimson & grey, we know that the battle between fans is just as (if not more competitive) than the game on the field. Like many local businesses, at Heritage Distilling Co., we are a house of divided alumni... Some of our head distiller’s reign from the Palouse, while some of our marketing and events team throws up their W's without hesitation and the rest of our employees just look at us like we’re completely mad.

While our rivalry in the office is full of fun banter, one thing we all can agree on is that no matter what team you are rooting for, your game day is bound to be better with an HDC drink in hand.

Come Friday, November 29, whether you are trekking up to Seattle to tailgate or hosting a watching party at home, we are providing you with our favorite rivalry themed cocktails to imbibe upon during the game.

Them Apples – a neutral flavor bomb to get the party started. The combination of BSB 103 and apple liquor will leave you ready to shout for your favorite team before kickoff.

2 oz of BSB 103 or BSB - Brown Sugar Bourbon
1 oz Apple Liqueur
0.5 oz Lemon JuiceIn a shaker, combine ingredients with ice and briefly shake.

Mesh strain into 4 shot glasses & top with a dollop of whipped cream.

The Coug – On the front end, it's sweet, like a cougar first down. While on the back end, it has just enough of a kick to take the edge off in case of a “coug’d it” mishap.  

3 oz Sweet Ghost Pepper Vodka
0.5 oz Grenadine
0.5 oz Lime Juice

In a shaker, combine ingredients with ice and briefly shake.  

Mesh strain into 4 shot glasses and enjoy.

The Husky- Let your colors shine with this delicious purple concoction. Featuring HDC Lavender vodka, this shot is subtle like a husky fan trying not to boast their 73-32 record over the Cougs, but bold enough to leave with you the courage to remind them that the Dawg pack doesn’t mess around.  

3 oz Lavender Vodka
0.25 oz Cherry Syrup (like Luxardo)
0.5 oz Lemon Juice

In a shaker, combine ingredients with ice and shake briefly.

Mesh strain into 4 shot glasses and enjoy.

Cheers to a great day of Washington football!

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