Rocket Pop Cocktail

Red, white and blue popsicle balanced on top of a glass containing vodka lemonade. Both sitting on top of a star spangled napkin with an American flag in the background.

The fireworks aren't going to be the only hit at this year's festivities. Celebrate our nation's independence with this red, white and booze themed libation.

This patriotic popsicle cocktail is a twist on the classic vodka lemonade and only requires 3 ingredients!

Make one for yourself or batch it a pitcher for your friends then add the popsicle to each glass when you're ready to serve.

Patriotic Popsicle Cocktail

1.5oz of Elk Rider Vodka 
3oz Lemonade
Red, white & blue popsicle

Pour the Elk Rider Vodka and lemonade into a glass. Add popsicle and watch the flavor and color change as the popsicle melts!

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