Mango Volcano Slush

Mango Volcano Slush

Boozy Slushie Cocktails are all the rage right now, and for obvious reasons. They are refreshing, easy to make, and are a fun alternative to the traditional on-the-rocks libation. The best part? Once prepared, you can enjoy the prepared frozen cocktail mixture for up to a week. Or, increase the batch size and have plenty to serve at your summer gatherings. 

We're kicking off the month of July with one of our favorite HDC Flavored Vodka combinations, Mango and Blood Orange. Paired with the tropical sweetness of the mango juice and punch of acidity from the lemonade, this "Lava Flow" inspired vodka slushie packs a punch of flavor. 


HDC Mango Vodka
HDC Bloody Orange Vodka
Mango Juice


In a sealable container, mix well equal parts HDC Mango Vodka, Mango Juice Lemonade. Freeze overnight. Remove from freezer when ready to serve. If necessary, use a spoon or scoop to loosen the frozen cocktail mixture. Scoop into a martini glass and drizzle with HDC Blood Orange Vodka for lava effect.

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