Mango Volcano Slush

Mango Volcano Slush

Boozy Slushie Cocktails are all the rage right now, and for obvious reasons. They are refreshing, easy to make, and are a fun alternative to the traditional on-the-rocks libation. The best part? Once prepared, you can enjoy the prepared frozen cocktail mixture for up to a week. 


HDC Mango Vodka
HDC Bloody Orange Vodka
Mango Juice


In a sealable container, mix well equal parts HDC Mango Vodka, Mango Juice Lemonade. Freeze overnight. Remove from freezer when ready to serve. If necessary, use a spoon or scoop to loosen the frozen cocktail mixture. Scoop into a martini glass and drizzle with HDC Blood Orange Vodka for lava effect.

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