Boozy Jello Shots

A red jello shot is pictured with American flags in the background. These Jell-o shots can be made with any of our HDC flavored vodka selections.

Boozy Jello Shots

6oz Box Flavored Jell-o
2C Boiling Water
1C Cold Water
1C HDC Flavored Vodka of Choice

Add Jell-o to boiling water and stir for two minutes or until fully dissolved. Add cold water and flavored vodka then pour into shot glasses. Refrigerate until solid (4 hours minimum).

A few recommended pairings:

Lime Jello - Mango Vodka, Sweet Ghost Pepper Vodka
Lemon Jello - Lavender Vodka, Huckleberry Vodka
Mango Jello - Mango Vodka, Blood Orange Vodka
Orange Jello - Huckleberry Vodka, Mango Vodka or BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon
Peach Jello - Huckleberry Vodka
Raspberry Jello - Citrus Vodka, Blood Orange Vodka
Strawberry Jello - BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon, Citrus Vodka
Plain Gelatin (for full flavor control) - HDC Flavored Vodka of choice


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