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Cocoa Bomb Whiskey - Mini

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North America’s Most Awarded Craft Distillery 7 years running brings you the biggest trend to hit the chocolate market in decades, Cocoa Bomb Chocolate Whiskey™.

Driven by the love of the Cocoa Bomb hot chocolate experience, our team set out to make the best-tasting chocolate-flavored whiskey on the market. Bottled at 75 proof and naturally flavored with cane sugar, this whiskey is extremely smooth and carries notes of cocoa, dark chocolate and a hint of marshmallow.

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Cocoa Bomb is best enjoyed in the mountains, or on a cool summer evening with friends. One thing is certain, you will melt into this new and exciting experience, becoming your newest chocolate craving. Don't you worry, Cocoa Bomb is here to stay.  

Available exclusively from Heritage Distilling Co.