Commander's Silver Rum

Commander’s Rum utilizes Barbados Molasses and Homestyle Molasses and took HDC over 2 years to develop the perfect blend of the distillations.
When the Founding Fathers toasted our Nation's independence their glasses were filled with rum, the preferred libation of the era. The spirit was so popular in colonial America that George Washington, our very first Commander in Chief, insisted on serving only one drink at his inauguration - Barbados style rum. Based upon a recipe older than our nation we begin with a blend of Barbados and Homestyle Molasses to craft a spirit with fruity notes and hints of caramel on the finish. We think you'll agree that Commander’s Silver Rum is more than special, it’s Revolutionary.


*Due to State laws, Rum will be available exclusively in the HDC Eugene tasting room as well as the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) and other national distributors. Ask your local retailers to order HDC Rum. OLCC Item #5365B



Why is Rum only being sold in the Eugene tasting room?

HDC Rum will be available in Washington via distribution to retailers in early 2019. We are not able to sell rum in our Washington tasting rooms due to state law. We operate under a "Craft Distillery" license, meaning we are required to get over 51% of raw ingredients from Washington directly. We cannot get raw sugar cane (the ingredient used to make molasses, which is what Rum is distilled from) from Washington. The product we sell in our Washington tasting rooms must legally be produced in Washington. We understand this can be confusing and we hope that some of these laws can change in the future.

Will Rum be sold online?

No, we cannot sell Rum online because our e-commerce site operates as an extension of the Flagship Federal License (the federal license is called a DSP).

Will Rum be available in retailers?

Yes, Rum will be available to distribution nationwide. This means, retailers like local grocery stores, liquor stores and stores like Total Wine can carry Rum including liquor control states like Oregon, Idaho, Montana, etc.