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Commander's Silver Rum

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Commander’s Rum utilizes Barbados Molasses and Homestyle Molasses and took HDC over 2 years to develop the perfect blend of the distillations.
When the Founding Fathers toasted our Nation's independence their glasses were filled with rum, the preferred libation of the era. The spirit was so popular in colonial America that George Washington, our very first Commander in Chief, insisted on serving only one drink at his inauguration - Barbados style rum. Based upon a recipe older than our nation we begin with a blend of Barbados and Homestyle Molasses to craft a spirit with fruity notes and hints of caramel on the finish. We think you'll agree that Commander’s Silver Rum is more than special, it’s Revolutionary.




Rum and Blood Orange Vodka Tiki Cocktail

Turmeric Coconut Punch



  • Silver Medal from American Distilling Institute 2019
  • Bronze Medal from American Distilling Institute 2022


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43% ABV/86 Proof