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Top 5 HDC Holiday Gift Packs

Shipping deadlines for continental U.S. for delivery by Christmas 2017
Holiday gift packs... Sometimes shopping can be a challenge. Now days so many people have everything they need or want, or don’t even give you a list at all! So we have compiled a list of our best-selling gift packs that are sure to make even the pickiest person smile. There are still a lot [...]

What to do with a Spirits Advent Calendar after Advent has started…

You LOVE your Spirits Advent Calendar (I mean who wouldn't love 24 craft distilled whiskeys, gins and vodkas that are perfect for getting you into the 'spirit' of the holidays!) but you didn't get it until 5 days after Advent started! What are you going to do? Does this mean you have to wait until [...]

Planning the Perfect Tailgate Party

We are well into fall and tailgating season and it’s time to make sure your tailgate parties are championship material! First off, you need to come up with a game plan. A great tailgate party cannot be thrown together last minute. It’s helpful if you can get people to rsvp. Plan food for 25% more [...]

Football Party Cocktails featuring DRY Sparkling

Seriously, right? What’s better than getting together with your best friends, eating, drinking and cheering on your favorite team. You can put as much or as little work in to your cocktails and always have a great (yummy, delicious, fantastic) treat for your guests. Over the last several months we have been making the most […]

It’s Boozie Smoothie Time!

  It’s a Sunday morning, in January, and it just happens to be a GAME DAY. I’m trying to be healthy but it’s GAME DAY! What better way to stay healthy but still have some fun than trying out a boozie smoothie.   It doesn’t take much to make this yummy treat. I just looked […]

Game Day Brunch Punch

Another morning football game calls for another delicious morning cocktail! I knew I wanted to use the B12 vodka as our main spirit for our upcoming Sunday morning football gathering. It just made more sense to me than wine or beer or even a whiskey. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to mix it with […]

Easy Sunday Morning Cocktails

During football season, Sunday Funday equals crawling out of the warm bed and heading toward the couch, and tuning in to watch your favorite team play. Now that the playoffs are here, and our favorite team will be battling the brutal cold in Minnesota (forecast says a high of 3* on Sunday in Minneapolis), we […]

Halloween Party Idea: Eyeballs!

Ok, I know this sounds strange, but you know what I think is fun? EYEBALLS!! I don’t know why but Halloween eyeballs make me laugh. They make me happy. I’m sitting here looking at these eyeball pictures and smiling. Weird- yes… fair enough. But how fun would it be to go to a Halloween party […]

Think Pink!

October, internationally known as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ is coming to a close. Now, or anytime really, is a great time to promote women’s health. If you’re not up for a crazy Halloween party to finish off this month how about a ‘Pink’ party. I was hunting around my cupboards, wondering what could be fun […]