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Special Forces Bourbon

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Passion in every spirit we craft

Heritage Distilling Co. (HDC) is a craft distillery based in Gig Harbor, Washington. HDC is the most awarded craft distillery in North America by the American Distilling Institute 5 years in a row (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018).  Each of the Heritage Distilling Co. product lines and services were developed with a particular story in mind, because “Every Spirit has a Story”™.

Some are rooted in the history and heritage of our company founders, while others are centered on the collective heritage and history we all long to create and share. Whether you are getting ready to enjoy our premium spirits, or you are joining us at the distillery for our exclusive and customized “Your Whiskey, Your Way™” programs (Cask Club™* and My Batch™*) we are confident you will find the story behind your spirit.

We are majority owned by women and family operated. As a Craft Distillery we manage the entire process of making our spirits by hand – from identifying and working directly with the farmers growing our grains, to ensuring the purity of our water source, to milling the grain, making our own mash and wort and running our own custom made stills – we strive to maintain the best of the “Field to Flask”™ ethos.

In this way you can be assured the hand-crafted, small batch spirits we produce meet the highest standards. We pour a little of our heart into every hand crafted, small batch of spirits we make.

HDC currently has four distillery locations: 2 in Gig Harbor, Washington (#HDCFlagship and #HDCWaterfront), 1 in Eugene, Oregon (#HDCEugene) and our newest facility in Roslyn, Washington (#HDCRoslyn).

Heritage Distilling Field to Flask


The HDC distillation process starts with grain (corn and wheat) grown in Eastern Washington on family farms like the Scrupps' Farm in Odessa. Rye comes from Oregon or Canada and Malted Barley from Vancouver, Washington.

Grain Delivery

Grain is delivered in 2,000 pound bags.

Grain Grinding

Grain is measured out for the mash recipe and milled into the mash tun. Vodka, Gin, Bourbon, Rye, Wheat, and Single Malt whiskeys all have different recipes. HDC has over 30 products, and each product has a unique recipe associated with the formula.


Mash cooks for 5-7 hours, enzymes are added part way through the process.


Once the mash is done cooking, it is pumped into a tank and cooled for fermentation. Fermentation takes 5-15 days depending on the recipe. Yeast is pitched partway through the process creating the chemical alcohol creation process.


From fermentation, the mash is pumped into one of our stills. HDC Flagship is home to Nonna, our 2,000 liter Italian Made still. Nonna means "grandmother" in Italian, and like most Italian grandmother's Nonna runs the HDC house. HDC Eugene houses "Bisnonna" and "Big John".

Making the Cuts

There are 3 parts that come off the still - Heads, Hearts, and Tails. Our distillers use their senses to cut the heads and tails out.

Proofing Down

From distillation, vodkas and gins are proofed down in preparation for bottling. Whiskeys are proofed to cask strength in anticipation of filling barrels.


Once whiskeys are proofed to Cask Strength, HDC's custom Spanish made American Oak casks are filled for aging. Whiskeys age a minimum of 2 years before being bottled for retail. Used casks are filled with vodkas, gins, and special projects.


Once the product is ready, it is bottled. HDC operates in-house labeling and bottling lines at both HDC Flagship & HDC Eugene.


The final part of the Field to Flask process is the best part - enjoying HDC spirits with family or friends. Cheers!