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Heritage Canned Cocktail: 6-Pack

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Mix and match from our four HDC Canned Cocktail flavors to create your own 6-pack. Please use the drop-down menu above to select each canned cocktail for your custom mix. Flavor descriptions can be found below:

Blood Orange Vodkarita: Classic margy fans, this one is for you. A concoction of Heritage Vodka, blood orange flavoring, margarita mix & a little fizz, it satisfies like a margarita but refreshes like a vodka soda with extra citrus.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy: It's like your favorite lemon-lime soda but with an adult twist. It is Heritage Vodka mixed with lemon & a little fizz. It has a little kick, a lot of tang & a bit of zing. 

Peachy Bourbon: Taking a sip of Peachy Bourbon is a little surprising with sweetness upfront but a signature whiskey kick in the back. It is classic Heritage Bourbon mixed with peachy bourbon syrup, lemon flavorings & a little fizz.

Gin Jam Fizzzz: A crisp & refreshing dance of flavors. It is Elk Rider Gin® paired with piles of berries made into raspberry jam & a touch of soda for a little bubble.

Heritage Distilling Co.’s ready-to-enjoy cocktails are crafted to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. To ensure the best flavor, we recommend you give the can a gentle flip before consuming. Don’t shake.

12fl oz / 6.9% ABV
Vodka with natural flavors & artificial color