Batch No. 12 Sample 6 Pack

46% ABV/92 Proof Corn/Rye/Malted Barley mash. It took 12 attempts to get the recipe right for Batch No. 12. Practice makes perfect. Batch No. 12 Bourbon boasts notes of honey, caramel, walnut, oak and berries. Incredibly smooth for such a high proof whiskey. Barreled at less than 125 proof for <2 years in new American Oak Charred Barrels, then cut to 92 proof using our private crystal clear water source. 47% ABV/94 Proof A traditional gin distilled from corn or wheat. Botanicals including juniper berries, coriander, and sweet orange peel give Batch No. 12 Gin a smooth citrus finish. Distilled through a state of the art reflux column to 190 proof, then re-distilled with the botanicals for a clean finish. Proofed down to 94 proof using our private crystal clear water source. Great in any classic gin cocktail including martinis, gin & tonics, or fizzes. 40% ABV/80 Proof Distilled from 100% corn. Clean and traditional style of vodka that is great for drinking straight or in any cocktail.