The intersection of food, beverage, business, sports, art, entertainment and life.

In today’s culture the intersection of spirits, cocktails, beer, wine and food are rapidly mixing with business, sports, art, entertainment and life.

Every week, co-hosts Justin Stiefel (CEO, Heritage Distilling Co.) and Lydia Cruz (KIRO Radio) will bring listeners an interesting mix of current events and trends in the world of adult beverages, insights on happenings in the market, interviews with key people in industry and a few surprises.

Cask Club Radio serves as an informative, educational and entertaining weekly show, all with an eye towards responsible enjoyment of spirits, cocktails, beer and wine. Focusing on trends across a broad spectrum of the market, Justin and Lydia will discuss how those trends are impacting other parts of our lives collectively from the perspective of a small producer.

We believe that ‘every spirit has a story™’ and stories, like good drinks, are always better when shared with friends.

latest podcasts

Episode 34

june 9th, 2018

In today's show, Justin, Lydia, and Maura discuss the opening of the new Ocean's 8 movie, hail storms wreaking havoc on champagne crops in France, a California winery suing Google over what it claims are fake reviews and Starbuck's launching a gin barrel aged coffee. Then, we talk theme bars. Do they detract from the cocktails being served? Plus Dick Stephens of Varsity Communications tells us all about PROOF, an event with more than 40 Washington distilleries and local restaurants that you can sample and purchase from. Finally, We wrap with a discussion on whether drinks should be trademarked and leave you with a Flag Day cocktail recipe!

Episode 33

june 2nd, 2018

In today's episode Justin, Lydia, and Maura discuss the Maritime Gig Festival going on today in Gig Harbor, liqour maker Diageo looking to sell some big name brands in their portfolio, and Serena Williams dominating at beer pong during the Royal Wedding reception. Then, we talk Negroni Week. It's going on June 4th-10th and Heritage Distilling is particpating, so come down and have a negroni for a good cause! Plus, Ali Hedin of Weeknight Society is back in studio to discuss summer entertaining and we give you some great ideas for making cockails for a crowd this summer.

Episode 32

may 26th, 2018

In today's show Justin, Lydia and Maura discuss the new "Solo" Star Wars movie, cocktails made from garbage, United Airlines having to bring back tomato juice after customer backlash, and a hangover pill invented by a chemical engineer. Then, we discuss how the restaurant and bar industry is preparing for the straw ban going into effect in Seattle in July. Plus, we talk with Mark Stern, owner of the Big Picture Theater about becoming the first West coast theater to serve cocktails, get Distiller Dain's top 5 list for the week, and give you a Star Wars themed cocktail recipe!

Episode 31

may 19th, 2018

In today's show, Justin, Lydia and Maura discuss a new Amazon series designed to make scotch seem more approachable, a doctor who recommends a 90 minute lunch with a glass of wine everyday, and Game of Thrones teaming up with Johnny Walker to make a whitewalker scotch. We also talk about the craze that is the "Royal Wedding" and how Heritage Distilling can help with your wedding planning this summer. Plus, Johhn Forsberg, owner of Gig Harbor Brewing joins us to talk about the Gig Harbor Beer Festival going on today!

Episode 30

may 12th, 2018

In today's show, Justin Lydia and Maura discuss Bob Dylan getting into the whiskey business, a beer hotel opening in Maine, and an app that you can help you choose the perfect wine at the store. Then, we have some great beer, spirits, and wine themed gifts for Mother's Day and we talk with Executive Chef Joe Ritchie of Goldfinch Tavern about their offerings for mom this Sunday. Plus, we offer up some of our personal favorite brunch spots and give you some cocktail recipes you can use to play bartender for an at home Mother's Day happy hour.

Episode 29

may 5th, 2018

In today's show Justin, Lydia and Maura discuss a $1500 mint Julep in Kentucky, Sony suing a brewery over a Breaking Bad themed beer, and a town in New Zealand considering adding a public wine fountain. Then, we discuss a comment made by Bobby Hiddleston, owner of Swift, the best Bar in GQ's food and drink awards that "the last thing a person goes into a bar for is a drink". Justin agrees that the bar itself and the aesthetics are just as important and describes how Heritage Distilling Company applied that thinking in their new Ballard Location. Then, we talk with Beck Hallmann and Bode Craig of Percy's and Co., also in Ballard about their approach to the design and menu of their apothecary themed bar. Plus, we leave you with a cocktail recipe that's sweet with a little heat!

Episode 28

April 28th, 2018

We start off today by discussing the soft opening of our new Ballard Heritage Distilling Company location! In industry news, we talk cocktails on tap, the increasing popularity of hyper focused wine clubs, and pairing champagne with french fries. We also give you the perfect cocktail ideas to ring in May the 4th be with you, Cinco De Mayo and Kentucky Derby Day! Plus, we talk with Tom Harris the track announcer at Emerald Downs about the big Kentucky Derby event they throw every year and wrap up with Lydia's favorite topic; National Super Hero Day!

Episode 27

April 21st, 2018

In today's show, we discuss the release of Heritage Distilling's Special Forces Bourbon. Get yours today and help support local military charities! In industry news we discuss a Chinese tariff on American bourbon, allergy issues with a new kind of Sochu, and a man who accidentally scaled a mountain in Italy while drunkenly searching for his hotel. Then, we talk with Cindy Verge the executive director of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival about one of the most beautiful traditions in the state and Patrick Lewis, the owner, baker and bartender at Pie Bar in Capitol Hill tells us how he went from builder to restaurant owner. Plus, we talk about the new trend of celebrities buying ownership in spirit companies and give you a delicious cocktail recipe based on a breakfast pastry!

Episode 26

April 14th, 2018

In today's show we discuss the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly event that Heritage is a part of, Wu-Tang Clan launching their own vodka brand, industry insiders claiming vodka filtration is nonsense, and one of the founders of Blue Moon brewing company is launching a cannabis beer. Then, Mile Thomas the founder of Scrappy's bitters tells us how he went from being a local bartender to a global distributor of bitters. Miles gives us a really in depth lesson on how bitters enhance drinks, how they have evolved and how he grew his business. Miles wraps up his time with us by explaining his new venture Half Seas canned cocktails, which transitions perfectly to our closing discussion about the growing popularity of canned wine and cocktails.

Episode 25

April 7th, 2018

In today’s show we discuss Heritage’s BSB brown sugar bourbon winning a huge award, a big spike in online liquor sales, and Heineken coming up with a great idea for summer. Then, we discuss bitters and some of the new creative trends in them and Jennifer Stiefel of Heritage Distilling chats with us about the Wine, Women and Whiskey event happening today in Portland. Plus, Distiller Dain gives us his top 5 for the week and we give you a cocktail recipe that incorporates lavender.

Episode 24

March, 31st 2018

In today’s show we discuss golfers becoming increasingly agitated with drunk spectators, a new Netflix comedy set around Napa’s wine scene that Amy Poehler will direct, produce and star in, and a new technology that can print images on beer foam. Then, it’s MLB opening weekend and we talk ball park food and drinks with Steve Dominguez, the GM of Centerplate at Safeco Field. Plus, we discuss the commandments of bartending and leave you with some fun Easter themed cocktail recipes!

Episode 23

March, 24th 2018

In today’s show we discuss the pre-sale availability of Heritage Distilling’s Special Forces Bourbon benefiting 3 different military charities. Then, in industry news we talk margarita ‘bath bombs’, a pub that gives you a discount for locking up your phone, and using vodka for your spring cleaning. We also discuss some of the most unique drinks from across the world in honor of National Cocktail Day and talk with Lucky Lawrence from the Brick Saloon in Roslyn. Lucky is the co-owner and talent booker for the Brick, which is the oldest bar in the state of Washington. We wrap up with Distiller Dain’s top 5 and a recipe for National Waffle Day!

Episode 22

March, 17th 2018

On today’s show we discuss Coca Cola getting into the alcohol business and America having a drunk shopping problem. Then, we talk about surprising St Patrick’s Day facts and Matt Boyle of the Butte America Foundation joins us. Matt tells us how Butte Montana; the most Irish city in America per capita celebrates at their annual parade. Plus, we have some festive cocktails to get you in the St. Paddy’s spirit!

Episode 21

March, 10th 2018

In today’s show we discuss Johnny Walker unveiling a Jane Walker version of their Black Label Whiskey, Starbuck’s opening a reserve store that serves small batch coffee and cocktails at it’s Sodo headquarters and beer with glitter in it. Then, there was big news in the development of bringing an NHL team to Seattle this week, and we decided to take a look at the sports fan’s that imbibe the most and why. Plus, we talk with Seth Kitzke of Kitzke Cellars and Upside Down Wines about how he went from snowboarder to winemaker and Distiller Dain gives us his top 5 for this week.

Episode 20

March, 3rd 2018

In today’s show, we discuss Jay-Z racking up a $100,000 bar bill during a night out in New York, and Ryan Reynolds buying Aviation gin. Plus, a UK brewery that used crowd funding to open a hotel leads us to some exciting Heritage Distilling Company news. Then, it’s Girl Scout Cookie season and we have the perfect cocktails to pair with your favorite cookie. We finish up by talking Oscars with Diana Dotter of the Film School Seattle and giving you a red carpet worthy cocktail of the week recipe!

Episode 19

February, 24th 2018

In today’s show we discuss the Olympic events that have drawn us in the most and some innovative and interesting marketing campaigns by Bridgeport Brewing, Monkey Shoulder Scotch, and Absolut Vodka. Then, Mark Will Weber, Author of Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt; A History of Presidential Drinking joins us to discuss our former President’s favorite cocktails of choice and how alcohol has been used as a tool of diplomacy. Plus, we have a cocktail recipe inspired by former first lady Dolly Madison and we discuss the top selling liquor in the world that is also the national spirit of our Winter Olympics host.

Episode 18

February, 16th 2018

In today’s show we talk Winter Olympics and the events we would choose to compete in if given the chance. Then, we discuss a Krispy Kreme inspired beer, a Portlandia themed wine collection, and Alexandra Hedin from Weeknight Society stops by to help you simplify your meal planning and eat healthier. Plus, Distiller Dain has another top 5 list for us and Justin shares some beautiful and delicious Olympic themed cocktail recipes!

Episode 17

February, 9th 2018

In today’s show we discuss new states that are relaxing blue laws so that stores can sell alcohol on Sundays, Sri Lanka lifting a ban on women serving and selling alcohol only to reinstate it a week later, and Wine Spectator Magazine being banned from a New Jersey state prison. Then, CEO of Bottle Rock Napa Valley Dave Graham tells us about the very unique wine, food and music festival where you can catch Snoop Dogg performing while Iron Chef Morimoto cooks all on the same stage. We wrap up by taste testing some new cocktails that feature a fast food ingredient, and giving you a chance to win Portland Trailblazers tickets!

Episode 16

February, 3rd 2018

In today’s show, we discuss some of the shocking numbers of food and beverages consumed during the Super Bowl and discuss planning Super Bowl parties. Then, Shelley Buchanan of the Drunken Tomato gives us advice on Super Bowl cocktails and hangover cures for the next day. Plus, we give you a crowd pleasing salsa recipe and our thoughts on the big game!

Episode 15

January, 27th 2018

In today’s show, we discuss bartenders that go above and beyond and how that led to our first guest Talia Kleinplatz her cocktail themed website; Two for the Bar. Then, we talk with James Beard award winning author Brad Thomas Parsons about his book Bitters, A Spirited History of the Classic Cure All. Plus, we check in with Distiller Dain for his top 5 of the week.

Episode 14

January, 20th 2018

In today’s show Lydia, Justin and Maura discuss the growing popularity of light beers, Lyft brewing their own beer, and an urban ax throwing facility with a bar in it. Then, we talk with our friend Kevin Stump at the Hi-Life in Ballard. Kevin has been a bartender in Seattle for 36 years and tells us about the evolution he’s seen take place. We also talk with Sam Largent the co-owner of Flatstick Pub, an indoor mini golf course that sells craft beer and end the show with a little booze trivia!

Episode 13

January, 13th 2018

In today’s show, Lydia, Justin, and Maura discuss people going sober this month for “Drynuary”, some new “smart” cups that frighten us a little, and some very creative New Zealand beach goers that had quite the New Year’s Eve party. Then, we discuss happy accidents that have happened in our careers. Our guest Erin Andrews of Indi Chocolate in the new Pike Place Market front shares her own happy accident of going from making skin care products for family to owning a chocolate cafe and factory. She shares how passionate she is about producing quality products through traveling directly to the countries that produce cacao and forming personal relationships with the farmers. Then, we get a 2018 top five from our friend Distiller Dain!

Episode 12

January, 5th 2018

In today’s episode, Lydia, Justin and Maura discuss some interesting studies. One that says psychopaths prefer gin and tonics, and another study that shows that a man’s scent can make a woman drink more. Then, we talk famous movie and television cocktails and Mark Stern from Big Picture movie theater joins us. Big Picture was the first theater ever to sell alcohol on the West Coast. Mark shares that story and why he thinks cocktails and movies pair so well together. Plus, we take a look at trends in spirits for 2018.

Episode 11

December, 30th 2017

In today’s show, Lydia, Justin, and Maura discuss how much wine you need per guest for your holiday parties, New Jersey passing a law against drunk drone driving, and why you may want to order whiskey at the bar if you are a germophobe. Then, we talk New Year’s resolutions, and hear from Nate McLaughlin of Justice brewing on how he turned a love for home brewing into a business. Plus, Distiller Dain gives us his last top 5 of 2017.

Episode 10

December, 23rd 2017

In today’s show Lydia, Justin and Maura discuss a fake restaurant getting rave Trip Advisor reviews, Pizza Hut delivering wine and beer and a hilarious cease and desist order from Bud Light. Then, we chat with Mike Griffith, co-owner of the Miner’s Landing on the waterfront about the Great Wheel, the Crab Pot and Wings over Washington. We also talk all things cider with author and editor in chief of Cidercraft and Sip Northwest Erin James. Plus, we play cocktail word association with our friend Patrick Spaulding.

Episode 9

December, 16th 2017

In today’s show; Lydia, Justin and Maura discuss edible cocktails, new wine grape varietals, and a list of the countries that drink the most beer. Then, Kevin Masse and Ivo Peshev of join us to discuss the website and the 24 cocktails that Ivo created using the Heritage Distilling Advent Calendar. We also talk to Brad Thomas Parsons about the history behind distillery cats and get Distiller Dain’s top 5 things this week.

Episode 8

December, 2nd 2017

In today’s show, Lydia, Maura and Justin discuss a study that correlates different types of alcohol with different emotions or moods, and 1800 gallons of vodka being stolen from an L.A. distillery. Then, Eric Radovich joins us to discuss this weekend’s Winter Beer Fest, and Kayla Black from the American Prohibition Museum gives us an education on prohibition and repeal day. Plus, our friend Patrick Spaulding joins us at the Crab Pot for Life Tips From A Bartender!

Episode 7

November, 25th 2017

In today’s show, Lydia, Justin and Maura discuss some geographic wine regions on the rise that you wouldn’t expect, and a bill in the senate that could provide some tax relief to Washington, distilleries, breweries, and wineries. Then, we talk Apple Cup with Damon Huard and Drew Bledsoe. Both former quarterbacks also own fantastic Washington wineries. We talk with Damon about Passing Time and Drew about Doubleback. Plus, we wrap up the show with things your bartender wishes they could tell you!

Episode 6

November, 17th 2017

This week, Lydia has the day off. Justin Stiefel and Maura Dooley discuss beer cocktails, Molson Coors adding nutrition labels to their beers for the first time, and a $350,000 bottle of wine. Then, Erin Tierney and Jen Muzai of the Ballard Food Bank join us to discuss the Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving. We also learn about ciders from Tim Larsen of Snowdrift Cider and Distiller Dain shares another installment of his Top 5 things this week!

Episode 5

November, 11th 2017

Today, Justin and Lydia start out by thanking all of the veterans. Happy Veteran’s Day! Then, we discuss beer bikes causing outrage in Amsterdam, a $10,000 glass of Scotch that turned out to be a fake, and fast food chains serving alcohol. Robert Spaulding of Elliott’s Oyster House tells us about their fun event called Oyster New year happening tonight. We also get to know Jennifer Stankus. Jennifer is a member of Heritage Distilling’s Cask Club and she is a woman of many talents, including participating in American Ninja Warrior. Then, we play cocktail word association with a bartender!

Episode 4

November, 4th 2017

Today, Lydia and Justin discuss a new Amazon Prime service they are not so sure about, good news for wineries that want to offer home delivery, and why Whiskey is actually a great investment. Then, Chef Ethan Stowell, owner of many Seattle restaurants including; How to Cook a Wolf, Anchovies and Olives, Staple and Fancy, and Tavolata, just to name a few, tells us how he developed his love for food and grew it into the many successful and delicious business ventures he owns today. We wrap up with a recipe for a hot drink perfect for the sudden change in weather and Distiller Dain’s top 5 things this week.

Episode 3

October 28, 2017

In this episode of Cask Club Radio, Justin and Lydia discuss the impact the California wild fires are having on the wine industry, and a study that shows drinking a pint of beer or two may help you learn another language more readily. Then, we talk with Kara Newman, author of Road Soda about how you can make fantastic cocktails anywhere. She has ideas for camping, traveling, and even movie theaters! We also sit down with John Forsberg, who tells us how he turned a love for beer into his successful business Gig Harbor Brewing in just 2 years.

Episode 2

October 21, 2017

This week we discuss the impressive growth of Tito’s vodka and France getting embarrassed at the International blind wine tasting competition. We also finish last week’s conversation with Justin and Jennifer Stiefel of Heritage Distilling Company. Jennifer shares why she’s excited to go to work everyday. Then, Steven Severin of Neumos, Barboza and the Runaway stops by to talk about how he began his career booking musical talent and ended up owning several businesses. Plus we check in with Distiller Dain live from Nashville’s Honey Summit for his top 5 things this week!

Episode 1

October 14, 2017

In this inaugural episode of Cask Club Radio we get to know our sponsor and co-host Justin Stiefel and his wife Jennifer. They share how they built Heritage Distilling Company and answer our favorite question; What are we drinking? Then, Dick Stephens owner of Varsity Communications joins us to talk about the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America Event that was held at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Dick explains that Seattle being one of the ten cities selected reflects how important the Pacific Northwest is in the world of food and spirits. Plus, we bring you Life Tips from a Bartender. This week, Kevin Stump gives us advice on pick up lines, ordering etiquette, and what not to say to your bartender.