My Batch - Roslyn


Already have a gift certificate in hand to attend a My Batch class? Please call our Innovative Programs department at 253-300-5179 and we can finalize your class scheduling.  


1-2 times a quarter, HDC holds a 3-hour educational experience where you learn about the distilling process from beginning to end. In this "Your Whiskey Your Way" class you are able to get up close and personal with the stills while they are operating. Participants get to bottle the spirits that were produced that day.

Each My Batch participant takes home two bottles. The My Batch® class also includes a tour with our head distiller and a food pairing with several of our products.

My Batch® Program Pricing:

  • The $149 session fee is all inclusive
  • My Batch gift certificates purchased on/or dated before March 2016 only include admission to the My Batch experience.  If you would like to upgrade your My Batch experience to include bottled spirits that were made during your session you can do so for $49.99 plus tax per certificate.  Please call our tasting room at 253-509-0008 if you’re unsure about what certificate you have and/or if you would like to purchase the upgrade.

Roslyn My Batch dates :

My Batch – Roslyn classes currently take place at HDC Roslyn: 101 E Pennsylvania Ave. Roslyn, WA 98941

Due to insurance restrictions, only paid participants are allowed to be on the production floor and participate during My Batch sessions.

Patent Pending

Upcoming My Batch Dates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Cask Club and My Batch?

Cask Club is our custom spirit aging program. My Batch is a one time distillation learning session.

What time should I arrive for My Batch?

Please arrive by 12:45pm the day of your session.

Can my significant other, friend, family member (etc.) attend the class with me?

Due to insurance restrictions, only paid participants are allowed to be on the production floor and participate during My Batch sessions.

What does My Batch include?

My Batch is an all inclusive experience. Each participant will take home 2 bottles of spirits, participants in the whiskey class will also take home a 2 liter barrel for aging their spirits at home.

The upcoming My Batch dates don’t work with my schedule, when will the next class be?

We release our My Batch dates quarterly. Subscribe to our mailing list or check back here for upcoming classes.

I have a My Batch gift certificate that expired, can I still use it?

Please call to inquire with your certificate in hand: 253-509-0008.