Whiskey Wednesday

February 15, 2017

Whiskey Wednesday

I was scrolling through Urban Dictionary, just trying to keep up on teenager vocabulary, when I happened upon the term 'Whiskey Wednesday.

Yep, in Urban Dictionary. Who knew!

The official definition: "The day in the middle of the week where the only thing you can drink is whiskey" Makes sense.

I decided to google the term and got pages and pages of Whiskey Wednesday articles. When I got down to the bottom of the page and found the 'searches related to Whiskey the first in line was "I didn't choose the ninja life, the ninja life chose me." What???

So, it turns out that if you participate in Whiskey Wednesday you are also a ninja.

And because I know you want to participate, here are some great ways to do some ninja whiskey drinking:

Cheers to you and your ninja self!