Upgraded Planter Box at HDC Waterfront

April 04, 2016

Upgraded Planter Box at HDC Waterfront

Great BIG shout out goes to the Horsehead Bay Garden Club for doing such amazing work on the planter box right in front of our Waterfront Location in Gig Harbor, WA.

Since we moved in to this location we put in some plants and watered but it looks nothing like it does today! planter box 6285 The Horsehead Bay Garden Club has been active in Gig Harbor for more than 70 years. This group of 30+ active members includes Master Gardeners, designers, florists and gardening hobbiests. They meet once a month to discuss local improvement projects they take on all over Gig Harbor, and to work on improving their own gardening skills and knowledge.

They have taken over the planter boxes on all three corners of Harborview Drive and Pioneer Dr. and wow do they look great.Planter box 6282 The ladies that I met were so sweet and nice. I told Heidi after they left that I thought it would be really fun to be a part of their group.

She said "Oh, you really like to garden?"

Actually... I'm really terrible at gardening. But they were so sweet and looked like they were having so much fun I wanted to do it too- oh well.