The Classic Mint Julep

May 05, 2016

The Classic Mint Julep

There is no better way to watch the Kentucky Derby than by channeling your inner Churchill Downs and having a Mint Julep in your hand.

The Mint Julep became the official drink of the Kentucky Derby over a century ago when they made it a signature drink and sold it for .75 cents in a silver cup. Fancy!

Now, over the two day event, they sell over 120,000 of the delicious drinks. Here is a bit of an article about the Mint Julep published in the Chicago tribune in 1908:

“Take a silver cup—always a silver cup. Fill it with ice pulverized to the fineness of snow. Bruise one tender little leaf of mint and stick it in the ice. Then dissolve a spoonful of sugar in about three-quarters of a Kentucky drink of good whisk(e)y and let the fluid filter through the ice to the bottom of the cup. Shake the cup slowly until a coating of a thick white frost forms on the outside. Trim with mint and hand to an appreciative gentleman.”

I may not be a gentleman but I would sure be appreciative. Classic Heritage Distilling Mint Julep for the Kentucky Derby Classic Mint Julep
2.5oz Elk Rider Bourbon
1T sugar
2t water
Mint Sprigs

Gently muddle the mint leaves in the bottom of a Julep Cup. Add sugar and water and lightly stir. Fill with crushed ice. Add Bourbon and garnish with stemmed mint. Put on your most amazing hat and imagine yourself at the races.



All images c/o BerryLane Photography