The Force is Strong with These Ones

December 17, 2015

In the spirit of the new Star Wars movie, we came up with a couple of themed cocktails that are sure to impress the most dedicated fans: PrincessCinnabun4707named Princess Cinnabun: HDC's most popular product:  BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon& Ginger Ale over ice garnished with cinnamon rolls. TheWookitini4658named The Wookitini: Swirl chocolate and caramel sauce into martini glass. Shake 1.5 oz HDC Vanilla Vodka and 1.5 oz HDC Coffee Vodka and pour into glass TheEwok4692named The Ewok: HDC Coffee Vodka & Chocolate Milk served over ice (ideally served in the forest) TheLightSaber4651named The Light Saber: HDC Sweet Ghost Pepper Vodka & Pear Soda over ice served with a light saber (glow stick) garnish

Join us, and together we can rule the galaxy as distillery and cocktail drinker.