Spotlight on Cask Club #406

March 24, 2016

Spotlight on Cask Club #406

Kim & Levi Anderson ------------- Member since March 19, 2015 ------------- Rye Whiskey

If you have recently visited our Gig Harbor Waterfront location you're sure to have seen this most amazing piece of artwork. This recently commissioned art was created by our very own Cask Club member Kim Anderson. Kim is a Gig Harbor resident, mom of three and self taught painter, chalk artist and much more. This piece that she recently presented to Jennifer and Justin is titled "Spirits of the Harbor". Kim A painting 5784 The ferry that used to go over the Narrows connecting Gig Harbor to the Tacoma side was actually called The Elk. We found it particularly perfect because if you ever rode on that ferry you were an "Elk Rider" not so much different from our own Elk Rider line of spirits. Kim A painting 5779 I just love the names on all of the boats. There are so many tie-ins to Gig Harbor and Heritage Distilling.  Kim draws a great deal of inspiration from the beauty of the West. She primarily works in the mediums of acrylic, pastel, charcoal and pencil on birch wood panels. Kim A painting 5782 So much thought and detail was put in to this painting. The colors were specifically chosen to match the Heritage brand, and as you can see, go perfectly with all of our favorite flavored vodkas. Kim A painting 5783 A little about Kim: She spends a lot of time with charity work. She is especially excited about her involvement with Peninsula Hands on Art, a group of local artists that go in to the the local schools multiple times a year working to create one of a kind art pieces each child can take home and proudly display. With shrinking school budgets Kim feels like this group presents a vital piece of education that might otherwise be lost.

I asked Kim what her favorite drink was using Heritage spirits. Her answer was - Do I have to pick just one? A proud owner of multiple flavored vodkas and of course Brown Sugar Bourbon, Kim said she prefers any drink that included muddled berries. Yum- I totally agree.

If you are interested in seeing more of Kim's work, or contacting her to commission your own piece, you can find more information at her website Kim Anderson Art

Are you a Cask Club Member that would like to be spotlighted?  Do you have a cause or talent  that you would like to bring attention to and share with our community?  Share it with us and you just might see your cask in the spotlight next!  

Cheers!   ~Erin