Spooky Halloween Drinks

October 26, 2015

Halloween is almost here AND it’s on a Saturday! Lots of us are either hosting or attending a Halloween party {{fun!!}}. While so much of my own time has been taken up by coming up with the perfect costume, I haven’t forgotten about coming up with a perfect drink!

Think Vodka- super easy and sooo many people LOVE it! Did you know we have our favorite drink mixing, vodka distilled from corn in an orange and black label? It is the perfect place to start. Take orange juice, lemonade or limeade- add some Batch No. 12 Vodkaand then a splash of cranberry juice to make it blood red. I thought it was a creepy place to start. But not creepy enough! Next I headed off to a craft store and picked up a giant bag of plastic spiders… add a few do your drink and you have officially passed the creepy zone. B12 Halloween 3339v

Spider Juice
1 part Batch No. 12 Vodka
2 parts juice (oj, lemonade, or limeade)
Splash of cranberry juice to color
As many plastic spiders you think your guests can handle…

This recipe also works great as a punch. Your guests don’t have to feel like a bother asking you to make their favorite drink and you don’t have to spend your time behind a bar! Happy Haunting!


(photo credit: Erin Lund, Berry Lane Photography)