Spirits Advent Calendar

November 06, 2015

Spirits Advent Calendar

When our team of awesomeness came up with the idea of the HDC Spirits Advent Calendar we had no idea how popular it would become! Thanks to mentions on such amazing sites like The Awesomer and The Chive it’s not just our local Puget Sound fans that are getting to partake in 24 days of SPIRITS (sooo much better than 24 days of little, teeny, plastic looking chocolates). People from all over the US are ordering like crazy! Advent959 And, after spending a few days this week in our waterfront tasting room this week, I have gotten to experience the excitement first hand. The front door will fling open. In rushes a customer, their coat flapping, their hair swirling, panic on their face. They don’t usually wait for a greeting. They immediately look at the closest staff and say “PLEASE tell me you still have some Spirits Advent Calendars!!!!!” The relief on their face when we hand them a box is palpable. Their smile is huge. Then they ask “Are you still going to have some if my friend can’t make it in until the weekend?” Advent934 Thankfully we’re a pretty smart bunch. We have staff working overtime to make sure we don’t run out before December 1st. But, just to be sure you might want to place an order today!

One more Advent Calendar Fun Fact: I would say about a third of the people that buy the Advents aren’t actually using them as intended (GASP!). But, I mean, who’s to say the first 24 days of November aren’t every bit as important as the December ones. And then there are the sneaky  folks who are breaking open the boxes, pulling out their favorites and using others as holiday hostess gifts and stocking stuffers. Yep, I am always impressed with people’s creativity!