NYE Cocktail: Lemon Ball Drop

December 28, 2015

NYE Cocktail: Lemon Ball Drop

I think every employee of Heritage Distilling, when invited to a party, is asked to bring the cocktails! I for one am always thankful to have this task rather than having to make a fruit or cheese platter or some sort of heated dip. Drinks are my specialty!

 After a bit of thought I decided you just can't go wrong with the simple HDC Lemon Ball Drop (perfect to sip while watching that ball drop in Times Square!). Plus I just got the cutest set of Teeny Martini glasses that I can't wait to break out!

Lemon Ball Drop 4794fr (1)
Lemon Ball Drop
1.5oz Lemon Vodka
.5oz Tangerine Vodka
juice squeezed from 1/2 a lemon
Shake over ice
Pour into martini glass
And for that final touch, I am going to print out little recipe cards for all the guests to take because I already know I will get asked the recipe by anyone who has a taste! Happy New Years from all of us at HDC!!!
(Images c/o Berry Lane Photography)