Making The Perfect Bloody Mary

January 01, 2016

Making The Perfect Bloody Mary

Secrets to making the perfect Bloody Mary

But first, a little history!
Bloody Mary's have long had the reputation as being the cure for a hangover. In fact, in 1948 renowned cocktail writer David Embury declared a Bloody Mary to be "a classic example of combining in one potion both the poison and the antidote." This truly restorative drink started in a bar in Paris in the early 1920's. After prohibition, it came to New York City where a bartender at the St. Regis Hotel began adding Tabasco, lemon juice, celery salt and other tasty seasonings that make it the wonderful drink we know today!

Bloody mary Heritage distilling 4

  • 1. Of course the most important ingredients- HDC Sweet Ghost Pepper Vodka and HDC Bacon Vodka (you knew I was going to say that!). Either one alone is perfect, but I prefer a combination of both best!
  • 2. Measure VERY carefully. This is a time when you want to follow the directions exactly. The most common mistakes with a Bloody Mary is one that is either too watery or too spicy.

Bloody Mary Heritage distilling 2

  • 3. Add spices SLOWLY. You can always add more spice but you can't take it away. Use a spoon or straw to taste test before you share.
  • 4. Serve it cold! Did you know that scientists studied this drink and keeping it cold slows down the chemical reaction of the acids that break down and degrade the taste?  So- keep your pitcher of Bloody Mary's refrigerated until you are ready to serve and have lots of ice for your guests that like it extra chilly!
  • 5. There is no shame in using a Bloody Mary mix, but to make it even better add a few fresh ingredients to enhance the flavor!

  Bloody Mary Heritage distilling 1
Now- sit back with your Bloody Mary and enjoy the first day of 2016!