National Chocolate Month

February 23, 2016

National Chocolate Month

It’s still February and that means it’s still National Chocolate Month! We can help you celebrate with our super amazing yummy delicious chocolate truffles HDCTrufflewhiskeywhite5064fr. We were so lucky to be able to partner with Moonstruck Chocolate Co. out of Portland, OR. If you know anything about gourmet chocolates, you know Moonstruck is quite well known on the west coast for making exquisite handmade chocolates featuring Pacific Northwest flavors. HDCTruffleWhiskey5038F The truffles they made for us feature some of our best selling flavors: Elk Rider Rye, Elk Rider Bourbon and Coffee Vodka. Our gift sets come in packs of six (2 of each flavor) delectable truffles. HDCTrufflewhite5058fr We had Moonstruck Chocolate make a limited run of these truffles but do have several left (though not for long!). You can order these online or stop by either of our locations and pick up one of the last of these wonderful treats. Don’t let February pass by without a continuous celebration of CHOCOLATE!!! Yum!



(All images c/o BerryLane Photography)