Mother's Day Gift Ideas

May 05, 2016

Mother's day is just a couple days away- but don't worry, we have some great gift ideas that are sure to make mom very, very happy.

First off-you simply can't go wrong with chocolate! Our truffles are delicious. You can get them alone, or add a few other items to your gift like a yummy Honey Bourbon candle and some HDC Vanilla Vodka. HDCTrufflewhite5058fr Another cute idea is a gift including our HDC Hibiscus vodka, one of our many options of adorable shot glasses and some napkins. Yay Party Pack 5268 Probably one of the most popular spirit among mom's is the HDC Lavender Vodka. We have two very special gift sets that include pansies, a silver derby glass, and some Lemon Flower Sipp soda which is a perfect mixer for the Lavender. Motherslargefarmed6748 And just to continue your mind running through the possibilities- here is a list of our top six overall flavored vodka bestsellers:

HDC Coffee Vodka
HDC Blood Orange Vodka
HDC Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka
HDC Huckleberry Vodka
HDC Mango Vodka
HDC Vanilla Vodka

Just in case you don't know which of these mom will like best we have these super cute mini bottle gift packs! Pick6vodka5500 Come by our tasting room and any of us can help put together the perfect gift pack for you. And don't forget- we offer free gift wrapping with a gift bag and tissue.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!