Keep it Simple Cocktails: Mint Juleps

April 29, 2015

Keep it Simple Cocktails: Mint Juleps

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday and it's the one day when the Mint Julep becomes the most popular drink for the "most exciting 2 minutes in sports". Mint julep 6516 We love this classic recipe that is very simple to make in bulk as well:
2.5 oz HDC Bourbon (Elk Rider, Batch No. 12, or Tacoma New West - TAM)
1 oz mint simple syrup
(equal parts sugar and water and a handful of mint leaves - think 25-30 leaves, head on the stove until sugar dissolves and strain)
Crushed ice

Shake Bourbon, mint simple syrup, and 10-15 more mint leaves, strain over crushed ice into a silver julep cup and garnish with more mint. Mint julep TAM 6520 Serve with a straw and be sure the glass gets extra frosty! Mint julep 6517 Cheers! Mint julep bourbon 6525 -Hannah

(All photos c/o Berry Lane Photography)