Introducing Batch No. 12

July 28, 2014

Introducing Batch No. 12

Heritage Distilling Company Releases BATCH NO. 12 Line of Spirits Just in time for fall activities, HDC launches “BATCH NO. 12” Vodka, Bourbon, and Rye Spirits

GIG HARBOR, WA (July 23, 2014) – Heritage Distilling Company, Inc. (HDC) announces the launch of its latest line of premium spirits under its BATCH NO. 12 trademark. The BATCH NO. 12 label will initially be released with a vodka distilled from corn, a bourbon and a rye whiskey. All products are produced and bottled at HDC’s premier distillery in Gig Harbor, WA. The initial launch of the labels will be in blue and green. Other label combination colors will soon follow, including crimson/gray, purple/gold, green/yellow, orange/black, and black/red (sample bottle shots below).

BATCH NO. 12 Rye Whiskey is produced and bottled at 92 proof from a mash bill comprised of 95% rye and 5% malted barley. It is available in limited quantities. BATCH NO. 12 Bourbon is produced and bottled at 92 proof from a mash bill of 65% corn, 30% rye and 5% malted barley. Both the Bourbon and Rye are aged less than 2 years in new white oak. BATCH NO. 12 Vodka is distilled from 100% corn and bottled at 80 proof. Batch No 12 Sell Sheet  

“BATCH NO. 12 will become the go-to choice for Pacific Northwest spirits fans seeking locally produced spirits to share with friends and family while enjoying their favorite leisure activities, outdoor sporting events, camping, fishing or sitting around the campfire or tv,” said Justin Stiefel, HDC’s Co-Founder, CEO and Master Distiller. “The spirits we produce under the BATCH NO. 12 label are clean, pure, and great for drinking straight or in any cocktail recipe,” he added.
Product Launch

BATCH NO. 12 Products will first be released to the general public under the following schedule:
- Friday July 25 – NOON – Tahoma Market in Fife (1409 Alexander Ave East, Fife, WA). The first 100 people who buy 2 bottles of BATCH NO. 12 spirits will get a free BATCH NO. 12 t-shirt at Tahoma Market. (Limited Quantities, while supplies last. Long lines are expected. No rain checks are offered for the t-shirt giveaway.)
- Friday July 25 – Harbor Greens in Gig Harbor
- Friday July 25/Sat July 26 – Select Washington IGA stores, as follows:
- Ocean Shores - KRESS IGA/Downtown Seattle
- Snoqualmie Ridge IGA
- Goose Island Community Grocers
- Camano Island IGA
- Darrington IGA

BATCH NO. 12 products will also be available in the Heritage Distilling Company tasting room at 3207 57th St Ct NW in Gig Harbor beginning this Friday, July 25th. Additional pre-orders for HDC’s BATCH NO. 12 products have already been taken at major retailers in Washington State and will be delivered in the coming weeks.

“We have worked on this product concept since the end of 2013; it took us 12 attempts to find the right recipe for each spirit in this lineup,” said Stiefel. “We have tremendous hometown pride in what we do, and we want to share that pride with spirits fans. This product line is hitting store shelves just in time for spirit fans to enjoy for the rest of the year and beyond.”

Additional Labels being released in the coming weeks: 

About Heritage Distilling Company Heritage Distilling Company (HDC) is one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier destination craft distilleries. HDC is 2014’s most awarded craft distillery in the US by the American Distilling Institute and is the 4th largest craft distillery in Washington State by proof gallons produced. In the distillery’s first 18 months of production it has been awarded 24 medals from major tasting competitions in New York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Seattle. HDC manages the entire process of making spirits from mashing grain sourced from family farms, to fermentation, to distillation, aging, blending and bottling.

Heritage Distilling Company’s other spirits include its Elk Rider line (vodka, gin, bourbon, rye, and blended whiskey), Commander’s Rye Whiskey, HDC Triple Distilled Vodka, Soft Gin, and Fall Classic Apple Cider flavored whiskey. HDC is also home to the patent-pending My Batch and Cask Club programs, making it the only location in the US where customer can custom customer age or distill their own spirits.

Heritage Distilling Company products are currently sold in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. In Washington State, Heritage Distilling Company products are distributed through Vehrs, Inc. In Oregon, HDC spirits can be found at Oregon’s state-owned liquor stores and select bars and restaurants. HDC’s spirits can also be found throughout the state of Alaska. They are distributed through Specialty Imports, Inc. More information can be found at

The BATCH NO. 12 line and labels are trademarks of Heritage Distilling Co.

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