BSB - Brown Sugar Bourbon Glassybaby

BSB - Brown Sugar Bourbon Glassybaby

We are proud to announce the release of our exclusive candle votive in partnership with glassybaby, named "BSB® - Brown Sugar Bourbon."


definition of glassybaby

1: a unique piece of hand-blown glass art crafted to support causes of hope and healing.

2: a beautiful vessel to hold, color, and amplify the light of a candle.

3: a community of kindness, where we celebrate and create moments of beauty.

(source: glassybaby, 2019)

If you have ever seen a glassybaby then you have most likely been enamored by its handcrafted beauty, however the story of how this candle votive found its light is just as beautiful if not even more captivating.

Beginning in 1995, during the midst of a battle with cancer, Lee Rhodes, a 32 year old mother of three at the time, remembers the immediate connection that would soon spark the thought for her future company. She remembers a sense of peace and comfort that took over her emotions after she laid eyes on a candle votive that her husband had brought home from a glass blowing class. Six years later glassybaby was born.


With a mission and vision so similar to the core values of Heritage Distilling Co., we could not be more excited to partner with glassybaby for the release of our “BSB® - Brown Sugar Bourbon” votive. Much like the making of our spirits, our exclusive glassybaby is crafted through a multi-layer glass blowing process in Seattle, Washington that combines love with precision.

We can only hope that when you place a tealight in this candle and the beautiful brown glass begins to shine throughout the room that your soul is ignited. Whether you are struggling with a battle of your own or simply looking to add joy to the room, we hope you are brought a sense of comfort, peace and inspiration toward your own journey, similar to what Lee Rhodes found in 1995.


You can purchase yours online here or in one of our 6 tasting rooms.

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