Halloween Party Idea: Eyeballs!

October 27, 2015

Halloween Party Idea: Eyeballs!

Ok, I know this sounds strange, but you know what I think is fun? EYEBALLS!!

I don’t know why but Halloween eyeballs make me laugh. They make me happy. I’m sitting here looking at these eyeball pictures and smiling. Weird- yes… fair enough.

But how fun would it be to go to a Halloween party with eyeballs glued on to your favorite Heritage spirit (Batch No. 12 Vodka comes to mind!). Totally low key. No biggie. Just wait and see if anyone notices… B12vodka3290v And why does this picture remind me of minions? ( Hello Gru…) HDC mini’s come in lots of flavors and the lid has the perfect amount of space for one minion eyeball. The perfect Halloween hostess gift. B12Halloween3296v And honestly, nothing makes me happier than looking at this one green olive with one candy eyeball…. snerk... it's an olive... with an eyeball!!! Olivewitheyeball2029h Happy Halloween!

(All images c/o Berry Lane Photography)