Floradora History and Recipe

May 18, 2016

Floradora History and Recipe

This month one of our most popular Bevanda's at HDC Waterfront is the Florodora. Might we even say it's 'scandalously' good? Because the Florodora has quite the scandalous past. Floradora Cocktail featuring Elk Rider Gin   The name comes from the very first successful Broadway play from 1901 called, of course, Florodora. The show featured six beautiful ladies who took the New York nightlife by storm. Each one marrying their own millionaire. Each one had their own scandalous life story. The most famous of all was a 17 year old girl named Evelyn Nesbit. Her story involves a love triangle with two much older men, a jealous murder, a room of mirrors and a red velvet swing... I can't really go into much more detail but if you're interested just google her name. Let's just say it would make a great movie!   Floradora featuring Elk Rider Gin Cocktail Recipe 7555h   The drink itself was made popular by being the choice beverage of the Florodora girls. They were frequently seen sipping this refreshing cocktail at the Waldorf Astoria surrounded by their admiring fans. Floradora 7541h Florodora
1oz Elk Rider Crisp Gin
Muddled Raspberries
Splash of Lime
Top with Ginger Ale
Garnish with Lime

Step back in time and enjoy this lovely, delicious, scandalous cocktail!



All images c/o BerryLane Photography