Drinking Clean in 2017

January 06, 2017

Drinking Clean in 2017

New Years Resolutions. So many people make them. So many people don't stick to them! If you've decided to drink and eat healthier in 2017 we have some great suggestions!

The fewer ingredients a drink has, the fewer calories.The good news is a simple drink does not have to be boring! Lemon, lime, mint and ginger add amazing flavors with minimal calories. In most cocktails sugar is the calorie culprit so look for recipes with low sugar.

1.5 oz Batch No.12 Vodka
Squeeze of lemon
Splash of club soda
Blueberries to taste
1 mint leaf

Put mint leaf and blueberries in bottom of glass. Gently muddle. Add ice, vodka, lemon and club soda. Garnish with lemon slice and mint leaf.

More good news: many classic cocktails are actually quite low in cocktails. Think Gimlet, Old Fashioned, Manhattan or a basic martini!

Classic Manhattan
2.5oz Elk Rider Rye
2 dashes bitters
1oz Sweet Vermouth
mix over ice
Cherry garnish

Try the Ancho Chile Twist on the classic Manhattan from The Homemade Haus as well here.

Cheers to 2017!