Cocktail Hack Part Three: Shaker

January 29, 2016

Cocktail Hack Part Three: Shaker

Have you ever wondered why some drink call for using a shaker and some don’t? Using a shaker helps mix liquids with different viscosities. You have your spirits, then fruit juices, sometime a dairy product like cream of eggnog, and sometimes even eggs. These need to be properly mixed, aerated and to have a nice frothy icy texture. Something that just doesn’t happen when you pour over ice.

But what happens if you’re traveling, visiting a friend, and to your horror they don’t have a shaker? Tumbler shaker 5114 Use a Traveler or Tumbler Mug!

It’s just perfect for these sorts of shaker emergencies and even does a good job straining too. Tumbler shaker 5119 Cherry Vodka Sour

1.5 oz HDC Cherry Lime Vodka
1.5 oz Sour mix
Squeeze of lime
garnish with tangerine orange wheel Tumbler shaker 5124 Cheers!


(PC: BerryLane Photography)