Holiday Party Cocktails

December 07, 2017

Holiday Party Cocktails

Since it is the season to be jolly and not a scrooge we and need all the help we can get, we have created a party planning checklist for you. Getting together with friends and family is a highlight to the holiday season so let’s make sure your party prep is as stress-free as possible!
Party Planning Checklist

5-7 days out
Plan your food and cocktail menu and make your shopping list at the same time
Deep clean the rooms your party guests will be using
Confirm your guest list
Find your table decorations and see if there is anything else you need to get

2 days out
Shop for your groceries and extra decorations
Plan your cooking schedule for day of party
Prep any make ahead items like cookies, garnishes, special ice cubes
Gather your cocktail mixers

1 day out
Make space in your hall closet for guest coats
Final tidy of party rooms
Pre-set your table with decorations, glassware, dishes and silverware
Shop for any last minute items

Day of
Prep and cook food according to your pre-made schedule
Set up the food table
Give yourself time to get ready
Have fun!

Because we know you want to wow your guests, but not be stuck behind the bar all night long, here are 3 easy cocktails you can have ready to go.

Coconut Snowball:

2oz HDC Coconut Vodka
2oz Vanilla Soda
1T fine Sugar  

Shake vodka over ice, strain into rimmed martini glass. Top with vanilla soda.

Cranberry Orange Spritzer

2oz HDC Blood Orange Vodka
1oz Cranberry Juice
1oz Lemon Lime Soda
garnish with orange zest

Pour HDC Blood Orange Vodka into glass. Top with cranberry juice and soda. Garnish with orange zest peel.

BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon Mule

2oz BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon
2oz Ginger Beer
Squeeze of lime
garnish with lime wedge

Pour BSB and ginger beer over ice, stir and squeeze lemon over the top. Garnish with lime wedge.