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What to do with a Spirits Advent Calendar after Advent has started…

You LOVE your Spirits Advent Calendar (I mean who wouldn't love 24 craft distilled whiskeys, gins and vodkas that are perfect for getting you into the 'spirit' of the holidays!) but you didn't get it until 5 days after Advent started! What are you going to do? Does this mean you have to wait until [...]

Gobble ‘Til You Wobble Holiday Cocktails

If you’re like so many of us you have relatives in town. Or maybe you are the relative who has come to town. So much together time calls for a little something extra. Here is a way to start holiday morning off right (and it will make that cooking feel so much easier!) Cranberry Whiskey [...]

Boozy Baking part 2- Turkey Style

Boozing up your poultry Thanksgiving is almost here and it’s a fun time to get fancy with your turkey. And the good news is, if you find turkey’s intimidating, this recipe works for chicken, Cornish game hens, duck- really any kind of poultry will do! My favorite version of a boozy bird is using the [...]

Whiskey Wednesday

I was scrolling through Urban Dictionary, just trying to keep up on teenager vocabulary, when I happened upon the term 'Whiskey Wednesday. Yep, in Urban Dictionary. Who knew! The official definition: "The day in the middle of the week where the only thing you can drink is whiskey" Makes sense. I decided to google the [...]

Whiskey Wednesday

It’s Whiskey Wednesday! A day where everyone around the world is celebrating and enjoying ‘the water of life’. On this day (as every day) there is no special way to drink whiskey other than the way YOU like it! Isn’t that great? Take out your favorite whiskey sipping glass and slowly enjoy your pour over […]

Floradora History and Recipe

This month one of our most popular Bevanda’s and HDC Waterfront is the Florodora. Might we even say it’s ‘scandalously’ good? Because the Florodora has quite the scandalous past.   The name comes from the very first successful Broadway play from 1901 called, of course, Florodora. The show featured six beautiful ladies who took the New […]

Cocktail Hack Part One: Keeping Your Drink Cold

Winter sun is so refreshing. It’s such a nice change of pace from all the rain we are used to. It really makes me want to drink something fun! And when I don’t have winter sun, well, I still want to drink something fun. Here is a great tip for making those sweet and fruity […]

Whiskey is Liquid Sunshine

As we enter November we enter what some call ‘the brown months’. It sounds ominous but- BROWN, as in brown spirits, specifically meaning WHISKEY. Yum!! Whiskey. The more I tasted it, the more I loved it. And the more I talked to customers about it, the more intrigued I became with it. The more intrigued […]