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Beer Cocktails: Just in Time for the Big Game!

Beer cocktails Football and beer just seem to go together. But what if you are a spirits drinker? Lucky for us there is a fantastic trend happening right now to use spirits and beer together to make cocktails. If you haven’t tried one of these you are for sure missing out! They are easy. They [...]

The Very Best Hot Cocoa Bar Ever

A super fun tradition in our house is to have a Hot Chocolate Bar! It’s a great idea for after viewing Christmas lights, playing in the snow, before watching your favorite holiday movie or to help you get through wrapping all of those presents! It’s even a great party theme. Grownups and kids love it [...]

Top 5 HDC Holiday Gift Packs

Shipping deadlines for continental U.S. for delivery by Christmas 2017
Holiday gift packs... Sometimes shopping can be a challenge. Now days so many people have everything they need or want, or don’t even give you a list at all! So we have compiled a list of our best-selling gift packs that are sure to make even the pickiest person smile. There are still a lot [...]

Boozy Baking part 2- Turkey Style

Boozing up your poultry Thanksgiving is almost here and it’s a fun time to get fancy with your turkey. And the good news is, if you find turkey’s intimidating, this recipe works for chicken, Cornish game hens, duck- really any kind of poultry will do! My favorite version of a boozy bird is using the [...]

Whiskey Wednesday

I was scrolling through Urban Dictionary, just trying to keep up on teenager vocabulary, when I happened upon the term 'Whiskey Wednesday. Yep, in Urban Dictionary. Who knew! The official definition: "The day in the middle of the week where the only thing you can drink is whiskey" Makes sense. I decided to google the [...]

The Classic Mint Julep

There is no better way to watch the Kentucky Derby than by channeling your inner Churchill Downs and having a Mint Julep in your hand. The Mint Julep became the official drink of the Kentucky Derby over a century ago when they made it a signature drink and sold it for .75 cents in a […]

Keep it Simple Cocktails: Mint Juleps

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday and it’s the one day when the Mint Julep becomes the most popular drink for the “most exciting 2 minutes in sports”. We love this classic recipe that is very simple to make in bulk as well: 2.5 oz HDC Bourbon (Elk Rider, Batch No. 12, or Tacoma New West […]