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Coffee Cocktails to Help You Survive Daylight Saving Time

Although most people believe daylight saving (not savings) time was created to help farmers, it was first enacted in 1918 as a way to save coal. The farmers actually fought it because it meant they had less daylight time in the morning to milk their cows! I often feel like fighting it as well. Who [...]

Beer Cocktails: Just in Time for the Big Game!

Beer cocktails Football and beer just seem to go together. But what if you are a spirits drinker? Lucky for us there is a fantastic trend happening right now to use spirits and beer together to make cocktails. If you haven’t tried one of these you are for sure missing out! They are easy. They [...]

Girl Scout Cookie Cocktail Pairing

How do you know when you’re in the height of Girl Scout cookie season? It’s a Saturday night. 9pm. It’s cold and raining. I’m headed out on an ice cream run for the family. I’ve had success at the store- I’m walking out, ice cream in hand. I look to my right and there, cute […]