Football Party Cocktails featuring DRY Sparkling

Seriously, right? What’s better than getting together with your best friends, eating, drinking and cheering on your favorite team. You can put as much or as little work in to your cocktails and always have a great (yummy, delicious, fantastic) treat for your guests.


Over the last several months we have been making the most amazing pairings using DRY Sparkling. On the DRY website they say their sodas will make your ‘cocktails sparkle’ and we agree!

Nothing is going to please your guests like our Batch No.12 Bourbon, Gin and Vodka and a selection of DRY Sparkling Beverages to use as mixers (well that and a win by their favorite team…). These drinks are so easy to make and your friends will love playing amateur mixologist. DRY is a even Seattle company and we always love supporting local!

HDC Tasting Rooms carry:

Blood Orange (mix with Batch No. 12 Bourbon, Gin or Vodka)
Cucumber (mix with Batch No. 12 Gin or Vodka)
Rhubarb (mix with Batch No. 12 Gin or Vodka)
Ginger (mix with Batch No. 12 Bourbon or Vodka)
Cranberry (mix with Batch No. 12 Bourbon, Gin or Vodka)

Put out a bowl of lemon and lime wedges for garnish and you are good to go.


Now the only question is- What team are you rooting for?