The intersection of food, beverage, business, sports, art, entertainment and life.

In today’s culture the intersection of spirits, cocktails, beer, wine and food are rapidly mixing with business, sports, art, entertainment and life.

Every week, co-hosts Justin Stiefel (CEO, Heritage Distilling Co.) and Lydia Cruz (KIRO Radio) will bring listeners an interesting mix of current events and trends in the world of adult beverages, insights on happenings in the market, interviews with key people in industry and a few surprises.

Cask Club Radio serves as an informative, educational and entertaining weekly show, all with an eye towards responsible enjoyment of spirits, cocktails, beer and wine. Focusing on trends across a broad spectrum of the market, Justin and Lydia will discuss how those trends are impacting other parts of our lives collectively from the perspective of a small producer.

We believe that ‘every spirit has a story™’ and stories, like good drinks, are always better when shared with friends.


Episode 1

October 14, 2017

In this inaugural episode of Cask Club Radio we get to know our sponsor and co-host Justin Stiefel and his wife Jennifer. They share how they built Heritage Distilling Company and answer our favorite question; What are we drinking? Then, Dick Stephens owner of Varsity Communications joins us to talk about the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America Event that was held at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Dick explains that Seattle being one of the ten cities selected reflects how important the Pacific Northwest is in the world of food and spirits. Plus, we bring you Life Tips from a Bartender. This week, Kevin Stump gives us advice on pick up lines, ordering etiquette, and what not to say to your bartender.



Episode 2

October 21, 2017

This week we discuss the impressive growth of Tito’s vodka and France getting embarrassed at the International blind wine tasting competition. We also finish last week’s conversation with Justin and Jennifer Stiefel of Heritage Distilling Company. Jennifer shares why she’s excited to go to work everyday. Then, Steven Severin of Neumos, Barboza and the Runaway stops by to talk about how he began his career booking musical talent and ended up owning several businesses. Plus we check in with Distiller Dain live from Nashville’s Honey Summit for his top 5 things this week!


Episode 3

October 28, 2017

In this episode of Cask Club Radio, Justin and Lydia discuss the impact the California wild fires are having on the wine industry, and a study that shows drinking a pint of beer or two may help you learn another language more readily. Then, we talk with Kara Newman, author of Road Soda about how you can make fantastic cocktails anywhere. She has ideas for camping, traveling, and even movie theaters! We also sit down with John Forsberg, who tells us how he turned a love for beer into his successful business Gig Harbor Brewing in just 2 years.


Episode 4

November, 4th 2017

Today, Lydia and Justin discuss a new Amazon Prime service they are not so sure about, good news for wineries that want to offer home delivery, and why Whiskey is actually a great investment. Then, Chef Ethan Stowell, owner of many Seattle restaurants including; How to Cook a Wolf, Anchovies and Olives, Staple and Fancy, and Tavolata, just to name a few, tells us how he developed his love for food and grew it into the many successful and delicious business ventures he owns today. We wrap up with a recipe for a hot drink perfect for the sudden change in weather and Distiller Dain’s top 5 things this week.


Episode 5

November, 11th 2017

Today, Justin and Lydia start out by thanking all of the veterans. Happy Veteran’s Day! Then, we discuss beer bikes causing outrage in Amsterdam, a $10,000 glass of Scotch that turned out to be a fake, and fast food chains serving alcohol. Robert Spaulding of Elliott’s Oyster House tells us about their fun event called Oyster New year happening tonight. We also get to know Jennifer Stankus. Jennifer is a member of Heritage Distilling’s Cask Club and she is a woman of many talents, including participating in American Ninja Warrior. Then, we play cocktail word association with a bartender!